About Greg Cortopassi

Photographic Artist, Entrepreneur, International Business Consultant and Facilitator

Greg is a catalyst, adventurer and seeker of life. He has dedicated himself to transforming limitations into flourishing possibilities. His successes demonstrate the span of his interests and talents: from professional athlete with two national titles to being inducted into the Footbag Hall of Fame to successful entrepreneur and owner of 7 successful pioneering businesses to internationally renowned experiential facilitator with over 3,000 educational programs under his belt to an in-spirited photographic artist. 

In living his commitment to help others manifest what is most important to them in their careers, relationships and communities, Greg grows into new territories of his own possibilities. When he travels around the world you’ll find him exploring the unchartered paths of a true adventurer: helicopter skiing in the Canadian Rockies, backpacking with Grizzly’s in Alaska, repelling behind a 200 foot waterfall, hiking at night on top of hot lava in Hawaii to listen to the earth form as it hits the ocean, taking underwater pictures of sharks feeding in New Guinea, guiding white water expeditions in the Grand Canyon or swimming with Humpback Whales and their 3 week old 4,000 pound pups in the Dominican Republic. Throughout all his explorations, Greg is drawn to the beauty and mystery of nature as the ultimate model and playground for his spirited life path. 

Greg’s first experience with macro photography occurred when he was introduced to the pioneering work of Iris Photography in the Health and Healing professions. Taking hundreds of pictures of the unique patterns of people’s eyes not only fed his appetite for the mysterious and beautiful, but also had a strong influence on him discovering his own innate gift as a photographic artist.  His fascination for the close up and personal jumped to another level when he learned underwater photography. After taking one of his first underwater macro shots of “Hermie” , a vibrant 2 inch Hermit Crab, on a night dive in 1995, he was hooked. His innovative style of photography was ignited by a mistake when he was shooting a surfacing dolphin  in the Galapagos Islands in 1997. When he accidentally left the shutter open for too long, he took his first astounding image of light not visible to the naked eye reflecting off of water. This led to his current quest to find unique ways to capture and expose the hidden magic found within everyday scenes within the natural world.